Wednesday, August 02, 2006

attitude problem

yesterday i went back to the shop and get my pay
only see him for awhile
donno y miss him so much
i donno why i m giving him attitude
not feeling very well
will not blog unless theres someti to be blog`ed abt
only after my Os, i will blog daily again

reply to tag
meiling*::thanks =D
wayne*:: =)) i love u
jiaHao*: thanks!
yvonne*:: u dua me la!
daMao*::i will.. =) thankss.. sorry.. 4get to blog abt tt idiot
ok.. anyway
about this idiot
did u ever have any ex-boyfriend who gave u something and ask them back from u?
donno y i hate him so much
he is a fu*king gay ok!
sorry.. i just freaking HATE this kinda AH GUA

sorry for my attitude problem
im try very hard to changed
i love u very much

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