Monday, August 21, 2006

O LvL english oral exam

today after skool was my english oral exam
can give myself a "not bad" =D
nv really get stuck

in class was SH*T
i nearly slap someone =x
i know she say it for my own good
but also.. aya.. forget it

had a nice time with soonYan*
hua hua hua here and there xD
mood wasn't tt bad after all

ups and down
came back home and called darling
hmmm.. nvm
reply to tag
crystal*::thanks ;)
nahyieve:: yup.. sure!
daMAO*:: why?
soonYan*::thanks for coming to my blog =))))) and i blog`ed!
muscleWOMEN*::=) can't wait for the friday to come

thanks for coming
alto its just a few of u
but im really very glad
u all are the reason for me to blog

darling is in a bad mood?
nv call me for the whole day

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