Wednesday, August 09, 2006

his neck hurts, my heart hurts

darling met a car accident on the expressway with boss and lady boss
scare me
he hurt his back and his neck
poor thing

went out with my primary skool darlings
muscleWOMEN* with us too
watch *antBULLY
veryvery nice show
cute and meaningful
sorry for letting u all wait
oh ya! sorry to CK* for pangseh`ing u
went to PS to watch movie
den to heeren to take neoPrint
wanted to buy some earing from farEast
but its close when we reach
after tt went home with vampy* muscleWOMEN*
vampy* fell down on the way home
hope shes ok
she still can luff and call me to tell me it FUNNY tt she fell and everyone was like lookin at her
after tt went to have a chat with muscleWOMEN* till now
very very tired
gotta wake up at 7 tml
good nite!!

reply to tag
muscleWOMEN*:: wad kns?! lol.. miss u also la!! hope can see u tml C=

i donno why i don feel right
something is wrong
thanks for letting me feel better
thanks for everything
i really love u

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