Tuesday, August 29, 2006

reply to tag

actually i have lotsa things to blog
but ya
somehow forget
will blog wadever i rmb

i nv believe in anyone but i choose not to believe in anyone else
and i just wan a "no i did not backstab"
and now it turn and become i m the one who backstab
and since when i say u backstab?
when i don even know u did when only z**** tell me sth is wrong between both of us
if tt thing is fake, ya.. they can happily fuck own ass
and if the person wanna break us up, for? and, why me?
actually ya, don need to think already
people around me tell me, its not worth it
and yup
i am happy this way and u r happy too
it will just be memories
and will not rmb how we ended this
and abt the disgusted face
i don even know when i give fuk`ed face or wad lan jiao face
aya.. just, maybe tt person is talkin about u and sth else
den i give lan jiao bin
nvm nvm
all the best to u and ur happy life now =D

reply to tag
SLOW*::ya. i love crying_and i hope u love me more den he does
crystal*::huh? when? i nv see u.. y nv call me?
relfy:: ya.. but.. nvm 4get it..
Li Rong*:: thanks ^w^
mabel*:: update`ed =D
nahyieve::thanks..really glad to have all of u here
minmin*::will explain to u when i see u ya? =D
kelly*:: thanks..!

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