Monday, July 31, 2006

happy chinese Valentine`s day =D

happy Valentine`s day everyone !
today is 七夕 a.k.a chinese valentine`s day
its just a normal day for me

my ears are blocked
i try to unblock it
followed by a very loud *pop*
den my ears start hurting
but my ears r still blocked

he got back his IC
with the same hairstyle, shirt, necklace
he went to get back his IC
i was shocked to see his IC
he nv change at all
after tt
he came to my place and we go to his place together
mommy gave us honeydew and we ate it on the way
keep sayin the trip is long
but i like tt freakin 1hour trip?
go his house and he play is computer and i do my art
and prepare for saturday
lights off !

last day b4 my O lvl starts
he will take over
vanes* elisa* bev* came to the shop
actually we r goin to airport
now i m confuse wad happened tt day
but nvm.. all of us didn't go airport
den me, darling, boss, lady boss, his 3 cousins went to watch *Tokyo Drift
super duper nice.. ppl who loves cars MUST watch
go home after tt
lights off!

hibernation day for darling
so i only can rot
went to jurong point get beeEr's present
we ate 翡翠拉面小笼包 for dinner
after tt he send me home

with ur daily iLoveYou*s
everyday is Valentines day

reply to tag
soonyan*:: haha.. thankss
yvonne*::ya la ya la.. u ROCK i stone ok.. u promise ah.. don dua me again
suicine*::?? u are??
daMAO*::eeek! xDD ya.. my legs longer! wahahah

u tell me u won't give 100%
i know and i don mind
i don expect u to give a 100%
coz u and her.. ..
i know a relationship
there will sure be one of us who love the other one more
i don mind be`ing the one who is giving more
as long as i know
at least u love me
i will just be fine
alto i know u won't but i still hope.. ..

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