Thursday, July 27, 2006

Its time, my heart started breaking

school totally suck
anyway, really had a nice chat with soonYan*
i m not sure if we were thinking too much
or it is just wad we think and its happening
i really didn`t think at all
it is just sth tt come in front of me
and of coz i need to face it
i m having tt feeling again
chat`ed with muscleWOMEN*
she just make me happy
maybe its b'coz she is just too crazy
nice chat`in with u =D
soonYan* hope u were here too

anyone wanna go piercing?

why must it be this way
is it starting?
i didn't expect it to be tt fast
its the fact i need to face
am i the one who think too much
or it really happened
its starting... ...
my heart hurts
the fear is back

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