Friday, July 28, 2006

love you for tt "iLOVEu"

be'coz of HER knocking on my door
my mood start to SWING

i hope i won't have a chance to find excuses to cover up for you
suddenly i feel tt we`ve changed
to the better or...?
why STM doesn't help me to forget about wad i should
but it can make mi 4get the happy times when we are together
sometimes i think
soonYan* cure`ing heartache`s method works

i love u
for the *iLOVEu you`ve said to me everytime u put down the phone
for the hugs and kisses
for everything
for YOU
reply . . .
soonYan*:: suddenly.. i hav this feeling to rush to chat with u :(
daMAO*:: u r... EEEKKK!!! BAD!

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