Saturday, July 09, 2011

CATS Classified Car-nival Rehearsal


I'm back from CATS Classified rehearsal!!
After the reheaarsal, the girls are so nice to accompany me to Tampines to buy things!
And also, we had a great dinner at Manpuku Japanese Gourmet Town

Deep fried dumplings a.k.a the 'Zha Zha' by Val♥

My sinful udon! Thanks to Rinee! Heh!!

Pan fry dumplings (:

The 3 hungry pigs is JOJO LAI, VALERIE LIM & RINEE ONG.
I don't know how Nathalie can have such self-discipline. Tsk!

With Val & our ice-cream!
Yes, we said we wanna share our Udon.
But instead, we didn't and we add on ice-cream!
All Rinee's fault!! =P

Pretty Val

Thank you Val & Rinee for accompanying me!!!

Today will be the last day to vote.

Visit to vote for your favourite!

I'm JOJO LAI contestant number 3!!!!!

The top12!!!
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I ask my cat to give me some luck! HAHAHA! :D

Hello Miss Junior, please look at the camera!

*Turn & walk away and use her tail to touch my head*
Is that the good luck lil-touch? :D


BaoBei : I didn't get your text my dear!!! HAHA! Ya, I'm one of the oldest in the contest!! ):

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