Tuesday, September 19, 2006

pretty girls just rule the world

saw this pretty in TM tt day
she is one of my friends GF if i m not wrong?
she appeared on TV
on the KimNg* show "hey hey taxi"
i donno wad tt show call laa
anyway, saw her in parkway also
message`ed her in friendster
coz i always view her profile
and she will come back to my profile
[[anyway, its 1st degree for mine]]
so i message`ed her laa
read her profile and realise she is not as girly as i think
she is really pretty
once show her pics to my primary skool friends
they also agree tt shes pretty
anyway, shes friendly
if can, i will ask her if i can post her pretty pic here =x
she is really good at art btw
saw her drawings
is like

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