Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I see it, I should have knew it

watching the Jin SanShun
have this feeling of crying
just being unsatisfied

the SanShun*s BF know tt his ex-GF is sick
so he bring him home to stay with him
coz he wants to take care of her
he off his phone[[how idiot]]
so SanShun* went to his apartment to look for him and found him hugging the GF
as in he is "supporting" tt sick girl
he just ask SanShun* to wait for him outside his apartment and he help the girl into the room
after awhile he came out and SanShun* insist to go in
coz she think tt when she is there, nth will happen to the 2 person inside the room
but the girl felt uneasy with her with them inside the room
so SanShun* left and say she trust the BF

i believe there is nth near that in real life
a ex-GF u loved so much
she just went off
she came back and say she still loves u a lot
ni ke yi bu dong xin ma?
no way
if ur GF now is better then the EX-GF
everyti better den i MIGHT believe u will not leave her for ur EX-gf
for my case this will not happen

anyway, taking away my password for my blog
i am not afraid to post anything i like
if people want to read, just read
they don like, just tag
wad i post will be 100% true =)

for my case
they are neigbours
just next to each other
9 year plus of relationship
shes pretty, rich
without ATTITUDE problem
all the goodness she have, i don't
and all the bad`ness she don have, i have them all
if she is to go back to him
he sure will
just one call
he fly to her

haha.. i donno wad am i blgging about
ya.. just telling about my LOVE`s story

i tried to give my heart to you i tried to make it last, but its hard to give your heart when its stuck in the past you are stuck, you don't know it i can feel it

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