Tuesday, September 19, 2006

all about BERNARD TEO*

here to talk about BERNARD TEO CHOON SHING*
i know him from ALVIN LER CHOON BENG*
and his brother is GERALD TEO CHOON SENG*
he ask me to blog about him
coz he say he very sian so if i blog about him he will come to my blog
a 14 yr old boy from bendemeer secondary school
he is also LAI ON YI JO JO*s 2nd DI DI
my first DI DI is aik*
anyway, Bernard* and i love RX-7

anyway, i rmb there was one time he promise me to get into NA
so if he gt into NA, i will buy him chocolate
tt was when he is primary 6
so i really buy him chocolate and ask ALVIN* to pass it to him
actually only see him once?
find him so cute
he gt alot of gan jie jie if i m not wrong
he is single now!!
good catch eh xD

i am a good gan jiejie ok?
i treat both brothers very good one
ok laaa
tag me BERNARD TEO*!!

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