Tuesday, September 19, 2006

continue . . .

waiting for MRT

On the MRT

at MAC eating

hey hey, talk to my leg, u can smell it too!

back home from skool today and zi lian with skool U
ahHA!! without makeup
bu hao yi shi put on friendster
later ppl puke xD

yesterday was so fun but i nearly spend $100
donno why i just spend so much on food
and i brought the blue colour contact
with muscleWOMEN*
just donno y we go into the shop
just think of buying den we buy
xD stupid life ya?
if everytime liddat i BANKRUPT
just very tired recently
can feel tt my body is not very healthy
ahHA i think i know wads the reason

reply to tag
relfy::get from me from msn IN THE MORNING ok?
mabel*::get from me also on msn can? MORNING alrite? =x i scared
soonYan*:: LOL.. i try to be brave and put it back in my phone ok?
nahyieve:: i am really veryveryvery happy for you.. next time meet den u will know how happy am i.. CONGRATS!!!!!!
crystal*:: ya.. alto its nt very scary, but the story i've went tru, so its kinda scary for me
daoMAO:: eh???
wenXin*::okok! ya! its goin to be OVER!! =DDD
xinLing*:: yup.. sure !! welcome welcome.. but hope u don mind, we are really crazy =x

the picture rite? the ghost one
only ask from me in the morning can?
coz i am kinda scared after sending to so many ppl and telling the story at nite
i am SCARED ok?? but i just wanna keep the pic coz i wanna tell ppl
not very convincing tho

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