Thursday, October 16, 2008

S.H.E - 612 星球

This is from LiKuan*s blog. (: sweet

"Was chatting with my LONG LOST FRIEND on msn.. And the person is JO JO LAI ON YI! I miss her a lot can! Didnt get to meet her that time when we were at CK's house for steamboat. But anyway, was glad we chatted on MSN today. haha. Like I always do, switched on my laptop to chat in lectures. And I found her online. And we chatted! (:

Then we continue the chat when I online later at home. Was reminded of many things la. Remember the times when we always spent time together during recess.. Correction. We spent time together ALL THE TIME! We are really like glued together that kind. Go toilet also go together. But then subsequently I was so lazy accompany her to the toilet. Cos she GOES TOO FREQUENT! Imagine she goes in between every period! So in the end Soonyan replaced me. They will go toilet together. But still we spend A LOT of time together.Vandalizing the school table is what we always do. Cos she loves to draw all sorts of things and I love to write on the table.

And I really miss her garlic bread. We use to bring bread to school everyday. I will bring Ham and Egg bread. She will bring garlic bread. And the Benjamin will bring bread with Nutella. And we will eat in class. Or Chenkuo will bring lots and lots of food to class. Seriously like open picnic like that. But it's like super fun la! Think all we did in class was eat, eat and EAT! haha!

Okay.. Not all times are nice.. There are also times when we quarrel. And I will start to find her very irritating. But I know sometimes she is just bearing with me la. Cos I might not be very nice as well. Thats when the Not-so-nice Likuan is in the picture. But sometimes she too pissed me off okay! haha! She is not a easy person to deal with as well! hahaha! She can be really mean at times. But she's not totally bad. If not I wont like her as well. (:

Sure there are happy and not happy times. But I'm glad I got to know her la.
When I drop from express to normal stream, I was thinking why did I drop lo. Like, I'm going to be separated from my friends (meifoong, xiaoling they all). But as times goes by I started to think that there might be a reason to it one lo. Like cos I dropped normal, I got to know more other friends. Not so restricted to the group which I already know very well at that time.

Isnt everything just planned? God planned the people I'm going to meet, people who are out there to help me with life or any other thing."

Well, I don't think we are long lost friend. HAHA. Just that we are busy but we do chat online right? We'll meet up soon.. And, I don't really remember us quarreling eh. heh.. Just remember the good times. I still remember you are the messenger for me when I wanna pass the letter to some guy that I like in MPSS! I really miss my secondary school days (: Thanks for the post my dear girl!


S.H.E - 612 星球

满园玫瑰 我以爲 找到我那一朵
认真爱了 却狠狠 刺伤我的双手
玫瑰都红 难免看错

望着天空 爱是风 活在童话里头
小王子说 有些事 流浪过才会懂
找不到真爱 会一直寂寞

好让我 忍着痛 也愿意往下走
花别谢太快 请你等等我

擦干眼泪 一个人 漂流在这宇宙
小王子说 爱一定 开在某个角落
我会幸福吗 在什麽时候

This song is so nice. My current blog song.
Lyrics so true, its just what I am feeling.
Thanks LiKuan* for the song (:


Meet up my MuacleWomen yesterday. Chat`ed so much again. I want more meet ups (:
I wanna meet the other girls too! They are the only one I can really talk to. Am I right?


liKuan*:: I know who already. HAHA. The nightmare b4 x'mas right? heh!
Shanon*:: Ok, will drop by to see you!
LaoGong:: yaya. HAHA
Hao*:: Really? Thanks. But do you think I should change my hair?
Jumbo:: See you soon!
SoonYan*:: I also never go for a number of gatherings. I miss you girl!
Yvonne*:: So should change or not?

Who can be trusted?
I trusted you and... I realise I am so supid.
Not that I am thinking too much. But is things getting worst.


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