Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Woot~! Thank Singapore for having such thing as NS and bring him back to SG (:
Wahahahaha (: Super big smile!

Please, it
not me (:

dolphin:: ok!
Kor:: ):
Vampy:: Never meet me ):
LiKuan*:: (: love love
Sky*:: Good. You? (:
Shanon*:: Its ok (: see ya again soon!
Denise*:: Busy girl! Hope you are well now.
Alicia*:: Its BBQ chicken wings. (: ok!
Yvonne*:: ok!
Jing*:: (: hey pretty! Hope to see you soon!
Hao*:: Super "qiao" (: nice to see you! Thanks!
passerby yo:: i wanted you by Ina*. The lyrics is on 22 sept post (:

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