Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween event @ Night Safari



Preparing at AP Com, office (: Fun fun!
The big guy in the middle? He is the family butcher a.k.a chicken-rice man.
He is good at painting people's nails and and and...
HE IS A NURSE LARRRRRR. My dream, idol (:

Penny wise Alton* smile smile. Anna* is busy.

Sexy KIM*! Poison Ivy.

Red chiong sum and Umbrella Stella.

Lil-girl, KAV* and me @ Night Safari office already, slacking.

Lil-girl's voodoo doll also must eat some sweet (:
Me and my crazy ideas.

Poison Ivy, Lil-Girl, Umbrella Sella* trying to play peekaboo!

CLown, Umbrella Stella, Poison Lvy, Penny wise.

Chicken rice man

Dim sum soh and the trolley ghost

SALLY* the witch!


JENSEN* and me!!!!!!! Scare crow and me!!!!

Photos taken last week (: Really fun event!

Thanks to RY*

Posted 10/27/2008 12:05 pm
hey thres a poser LOL

Well, is not me!
The 2nd fake account within this 2 months?? Maybe is the same person?

I think some of you, my secondary school classmates remember I've got this horoscope book?
I skip one yr if I am not wrong, this year I never buy.
I brought the next year issue!! (:
Crazy again.

Hao*:: Ok only, hmm.. stay the same? =/
Dave*:: Hope there is a chance, coz I only saw her once in real (:
Relfy :: Sorry I will be working.. unless after my work or something?
LiKuan*:: LoveLOVE*. Never come eat breakfast!
Nanny :: Ok. LOL. Nanny Jenny.

Anyway, hope you are ok after that bball match (:
People elbow you, later matchstick break into 2 how?

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