Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am better. Thanks to YOU! YOU! AND YOU!

~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~ says: aya.. got so many fishes in the sea
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~ says: dun have fish next time still got crabs or lobsters leh
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~says: no need fish 1

JObish™ (: says: LOL. stupid lar you.
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~says: really wat
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~says: haha!!!
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~says: haha... anna's logic
~^*eLLeBAnnA*^~says: anna jin dian ming yan
JObish™ (: says: LOL. You damn.. @#%@&*
Thanks Anna*


Thanks. And also to Mr.Gay matchSTICK, alto he is at indo.
He promise a lot of things, hope he keep his words (:
We've got this challenge, drink one can of baron then play all the games at Escape! :D
Puke together.

Thanks to also Kav*! (: My buddy for halloween event. The lil-girl.
(2:10 PM) Hay!: u hav to see
(2:10 PM) Hay!: sometimes i know love is blind
(2:10 PM) Hay!: bt stil
(2:10 PM) Hay!: u cant jus follow how ur heart wanna go
(2:10 PM) Hay!: mind hav to work as well
(2:10 PM) Hay!: dun jus go blindly
(2:11 PM) Hay!: think with ur clever brain
(2:11 PM) Hay!: is it worth it?
(2:11 PM) Hay!: wil i b happy

Thanks also to LiKuan*
Likuan*:: Like the lyrics said, there will be someone for you. Just keep searching. (: You will find your happiness. ((:
Jojo*:: Search until tired already how? They should come look for me =P
Likuan*:: haha! scarly the person also search until tired le then how? so keep searching lo. Tired. But.. if you want someone with you... (:

More "sober" now, somehow I am love by you, you, you and you! (:
So I must be happy (:

Nana*:: Ok!

LiKuan*:: (: Thanks

Dolphine:: ok!

Michiyo*:: I am working ):

Ferlynn*:: ok (:

Dave*:: I know her also (:

Passby:: now can?

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