Thursday, October 23, 2008

(: Its difficult, NO, its not! Coz I've got YOU!

Double O yesterday.
Wanted to go supperclub but well well.
Saw a lot of people,..
Some people just can't take rejections.
When a girl rejects him, he start to go around telling lies about the girl.
Trying to make their life difficult.
What to do?
I am not hurt anyway (:
Friends know me, know what kinda person am I.
Don't need anyone to tell them.
They are smart to judge for themselves.
Don't make yourself look stupid.

You told me I didn't wake you up.
You've got nightmare.
Thanks to your nightmare?
I am happy to have you by my side yesterday.
So far yet, I feel you (:
8 more days


LiKuan*:: (: Love love!
LaoGong:: Others are not blind ok! HAHA. No need me to say one.
Diana*:: Thanks! I'm good (:
Dave*:: When I was looking at her blog, my dad thought was me.
Shanon*:: Thanks (: I did have lotsa fun!
Passerby:: Thanks? I take it as a compliment?
Yvonne*:: Ya, slack too much now DIE.
Michiyo:: okok! (: I saw Shanon* yesterday, wanted to go to see her one. but too late. HAHA. she rushing to go makan (:

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