Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still a happy girl afterall (:

I am waiting for lotsa pictures!
Annabelle* please send me.
And Chrishirl* too!!!!
Quick send me before I've got other parties.
Or else SOOOOOOOOOO many pictures!

Drink a lil too much, just a lil.
Not feeling very good now.
But anyways,
still a happy girl afterall.
Wahahaha. Just need some nights of craziness.
Thanks to my husband and boyfriend!
Had a fun night.
Saw so many people.
The most shocking one is..
He said, "MacPherson Secondary lor."
More den 4 years I guess?
Since I last saw him. HA!

Giovanna*:: Alrights
Hao*:: I enjoy BALI so much thanks to you! Escape. HAHA can go together ah (:
Nick*:: Wait for you bring me there till my neck also long already.
LiKuan*:: Chan Li Kuan*!!!!!!!!! (: Never call me.
Unknown:: Eh.. Not really sure.. I like only did car show once.


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