Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quiz (:

What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Disappointment

You are a fun-loving, energetic, and cheerful person. You love adrenaline rushes, and going out at night. You constantly have to be having a great time to feel completely happy. Your biggest fear is not having anything to do, or having a huge disappointment/let down in your life. You hate being sad, and if something in your life suddenly went wrong it would be extremely hard for you to deal with. Just remember that everyone has to deal with hard times. Stay strong, and pretty soon your fun, party life will get right back the way it used to be.

Being Alone


Where Your life is Going

Losing Someone

Looked down on


What is your True Fear?
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This is true.

How will I die?
Your Result: You will die of boredom.

Try not to take so many quizzes. And while this answer may seem like a joke, it most certainly is not. Boredom is one of the most frequent causes of death. The body will simply stop functioning. Try not to become an excercise junkie. One cannot escape destiny...

You will die in your sleep.

You will be murdered.

You will die from a terminal illness.

You will die in a car accident.

You will die in a nuclear holocaust.

You will die while having sex.

You will die while saving someone's life.

How will I die?
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Very stupid. LOL. Coz I am really bored.
All my answers are bored.

How many kids will I have?
Your Result: 1-3

You will have at least one child. The child will be the same gender as your significant other. If you have a second child it will be the same sex as your best friend in middle school. If you have a third child it will be the same sex as you.

0 kids
How many kids will I have?
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Well, we'll see. HA

your results are100%beautiful n your heart100% no ones truly beautiful on the outside

beautiful no matter what people say. as long as you believe whats in your heart. it doesn't matter whats on the outside it matters what's on the inside. and if there is a guy/girl that doesn't believe that his/her life will be meaningless and yours will succeed as long as you follow your heart and soul. =^)

how preety/hot/beautiful are you???
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I think everyone's result will be the same for this quiz coz the questions are stupid.

Joses* GuoHao* and Jevonne* same same.
Morning! All going to bed now.
(: HA

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