Thursday, February 26, 2009

ASS = U + ME

I changed for the better just for you.
You never know it.
You are behind me, didn't I wait for you?
Cos you think I didn't, you think that I've always take you as a fool.
Because of you, I never even tot of getting angry.
You assume that I was angry.
What more can I say?
How disappointed can it be?
When I open my mouth to correct you, pull you closer to me,
You get pissed.
This time is hard to look back.
Sorry, don't drag anymore.
I just want everything to end nicely here.
By not dragging and make things ugly.

1 comment:

AMY said...

Had you did a eyebrown embroidery before? If yes, may I know the place? B'cos it just look tad pretty! :D :D