Saturday, January 24, 2009

(: Friends gathering.


Preparing to meet my MuscleWomen @ Haji Lane (:

Miss my MuscleWomen so much! Finally I got to meet her. =D

Photo-taking session! I want more!

My Queen said she looks different (:

My sis said that too. Getting prettier and prettier!

The bun and the pretty smile.

Trying to hide. Haha. We were at bugis.

Jump to look for my boyfriend @ Downtown East.


My Gay.

Not going to post all the pictures.

Why is she so sad?

HAHA! Ok la. She is not really short (:

L4D again!!

I used $6 trying to grab this thing. Fail. got it for $1!

Us, tired. After shopping and L4D. Its 6am.


Sexy back =P

JJJ - Jojo* Jensen* Jaslyn*

Marv* Andy* + Jaslyn*s hand.

Marvin* Andy* Cover face.


HA! Big face. Sad face.



Next day, after house.. My house (:

He say 1017 hug 小白菜 to sleep.

1017 sayang 小白菜. LOL.

After bf join us.
Went to eat 臭豆腐.

BF. I find this picture cute (:

After that L4D (:

Trying to be L5D. HAHA.

Anyone interested? Selling this wallet. (:
Email me for more details.
Email add ::

Nick*:: You are the only one who ask me to reborn.
Cassy*:: Ok. (:
Kai*:: Haha. You expect it to be? Super skinny?
Rose*:: Nearly everyone ask me not to reborn. Thanks! Think I'll not reborn (:
Jensen*:: So you think I should reborn?
Dave*:: IDIOT! I'll cook you 1st.

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