Monday, January 19, 2009

14Jan -Rebel, Club Nana 17Jan - L4D, dinner

Full of picture post!!

14Jan - Matchstick's Doc appointment.

After the yummy breakfast, he is ready to go.
And I wanna call him when he is out. Before he even step out of the room.
I called. =D

He wanna take picture. Never set the timer properly.
His FAT face makes me wanna laugh!

My ugly turn. I was saying, "你在拍天花板啊?"

He is not back yet. Haha.. Don't wanna listen, insist 5 seconds is enough.

10 seconds, perfect shot (:

After he is back, he and his daddy cooked.
Super yummy!

After eating, prepare to go Rebel.

Blame my flashlight. Even he looks fair.

Yoohoo~ Stop SMS`ing my busy man.

OMK* the ganster.

Andy* Jojo*Jensen* Nick* Marvin* (:

With my boyfriends.

Marv* Jo* Andy*

After not long, I left for Club Nana.


On the way back...

Not trying to blind him.

Michael Jackson? HAHA!

Drop by Andy*s place. And I met CHEEZE*!!!!

Super friendly!

Very obedient (:

Nice nice caps on his door.

Hugging my leg.


The day b4 yesterday, went to L4D With some WGs (:

Super fun!!! Jas* said this pic looks like gang fight. LOL

J&J - Jaslyn* & Jojo*

Her new ink


Bun bun hair with a bun bun face.

Trying very hard to act shy but fail.

Back to baby's house and had our supper.
17 Jan`09 (:



Korean noodle with steam egg!

Random - don't you find my fish burger looks cute?? Maybe I only ate fish burger twice?
Find it super cute.

Kerlyn*:: See you soon!
Nick*:: Please. Don't lie!
(: :: I did it 2 years back, by my friend.

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