Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What the FUCK?

Reply to tags.

Shanon*:: I will (: But as you can see so many problems. I still need to enjoy

LiKuan*:: My blog turn rotten. Ya, everyone said that she is pretty! misses

YiFan*:: Got, you working what..

Hao*:: JiaYou!!!

Denise*:: Haha, JiaYou to you too!!

DaMao:: how to eat you? raw or cooked?

Reply to tags regarding my everyone's problem

u r purely :: I am disgusting still come my blog for?

Juz juz ::
-Don't have to thank me for making this decision so he wont suffer anymore.
-Don't have to worry if your comment will make me change my mind coz I won't (:
-Thanks for letting me know that I am not the kind of girl for his soft heart.
-Hope to let you know I didn't force him to ask me to be his gf, and do so much for me.
-You don't have to know who told me everything.
-I never say this kind of love is strong enough to sustain. So I ended it, wrong?
-You said,"He has been in deep thoughts based on the fact you always club and go out with guys. He trusted you...since day one...but I am very sad for him that this is what he got back from you after so much effort he put on 060708." He trusted me coz he know it very well I don't kiss around, fuck around. He know it so well they are just my friends. You are sad for him, I've got nothing to say. But must I even tell anyone what did I put into this r/s?? I myself knows. I do things 对得起别人,也对得起自己.
**Sorry, I don't add random people on msn. And don't worry, for what I am not happy with you?Sorry, Gin aka Juz, I am not an old bird in WG or know everyone in WG. So I don't think I will even have the extra time to check who are you on WG (:

PF:: Who are you? LOL. Don't need to be so fierce leh.. Anything happened to Daryll* you are going to kill who? Do you even know what happen? What you know is only someone told me something bad about Daryll*. And and and.. Do you even know who is the someone? Please don't use caps coz it seems like you are shouting, sorry to say, like ah lian coz you call yourself LIMBU.

long:: Alamak. Maybe shes not acting. REAL PAIKIA!

Sorry if to any of you I sound rude. I just feel that i don't owe any of you any explanation. Just to make things clear. I won't listen to any people who like to put in one leg into this when they can't do anything to it. Think and know everything before saying anything coz from what I see, no one really know what happened.

So many of you are so afraid. And put so much stress on yourself for nothing, why not just be with Daryll*, I am sure you all won't hurt him like I did. So ya, he is free anyway.

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