Monday, August 25, 2008

Blue eye monster

Monster!! (:

Blue contact. MEOW~!
(hope the pic nv scare you =P)

Shopping with the Queen (:

Meet MUSCLEwomen =D

Prepare for Kai* and Xiao de* present.

Kai*s bday @ Mos

Drunk already lor! LOL
Cannot walk straight!!

Nerd (:

Shanon*:: ok! thanks (:
jh:: Should I even get tied down by anyone?
HAHA:: =D Big smile to you
LOL:: Yup and love you too! Wahahahaha!
Hao*:: HAMSTER?!?! Rabbit!!!!
LiKuan*:: (: Thanks!
simply:: ..??
Denise*:: JIAYOU!!!!
Samantha*:: Yup. And hyper-active too!
Sab*:: Lets bring Yogi* and bitbit* out together =P

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