Friday, July 30, 2010

Sick girl reporting!

Will blog when I'm well again!
Nose running away from me, voice super sexy.
Stay tune!
I will be back really soon!

Anyway, my phone DIED! So now using a black and white phone!
No more contact in my phone till I get a new one. So try not to SMS me!

Sabbie : LOL! Fan sia!!!
LaoGong : He is gone! Chill! Misunderstanding!
Del : I think I'm sweeter! Oh ya! You type the wrong name is it?? Its guest that you're scolding right?
Chrishirl : ♥ Don't MIA ok?
Kat : ♥ you too!!!!
Ryan : Welcome to my blog! Are you one of the Ryan I know?
Yvon : Whats that??
Linda : PLEASE CALL ME AND ASK ME OUT! LOL! Cos my phone all contacts gone!
Nora : You mean the van from jetty to resort? I think its $2.50/person!

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