Sunday, July 18, 2010

Romantic Date - West Coast

Singapore is really small and you don't know where to bring your girlfriend to?
Superman brought me to WEST COAST!
Its a nice place!
You don't have to spend a single cent!

The net! We went up to the top! I was so happy!

Look at his hands. Hold on to the net tightly. LOL!

So nice to chill there. Get some drinks and snacks.
Hungry, MacDonalds is just there!
But please don't leave the rubbish behind la!
We saw some wrapper and bottles stuck in the middle of the net. ):

:D Naked face.

Back in Hong Kong, just beside where I stay, there was a net like that, but its shorter.
When I go back, its gone!
Glad that I found it in Singapore west coast!

My favourite! Its like flying fox or something.
I don't know what its called.

Spiderman? Superman?
I was too short to reach the ground and the place is sandy so its very slippery!
Superman is running and following me where ever I go. Sweet!
Cos I can't get down without his help! And I can't fly really far without him pushing me.
Superman hit his leg onto the plate where we sit. ): And was bleeding.

After that, we play the random playground stuff. :D

Relax only. I wish I can do pull up too. HAHAHA!


Throw his smelly shoes that contain lotsa SAND! HAHAHA!

Superman :: Thanks! So nice to see you this noob tag me on my blog!♥ And I' not full of Da Bian.
Guest :: What is LULZ?
Nora :: You mean the van from jetty to resort? I think its $2.50/person!
Jera :: Thank you!! But my skin is very dry, I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost. (: Think most important is to remove makeup properly.
Passerby :: "Stead" hahahahahha. Its not a bad idea to have a clown in my blog to make you guys laugh!
Michiyo : He is too childish to think as he hang out at Orchard tower tattoo shop? Can't blame a small ganster wannabe(Xiao Beng) who only can think who is he going to attack next with the name Guest.
SleepingGod : Hahaha, no choice.
Kat : You very fierce but sweet! I LIKE~!
Xavier : We look alike? HAHAHA! He is confuse. He don't know who to attack or he couldn't understand english so he read my blog, he look at photos and mistaken I'm you? LOL

Reply to all the questions from Guest who hates me or... maybe my boyfriend.
Q is the questions Guest tag me on my tagboard.
A is my answer (:

Q : **** u your photo is all over k u ****ing cheap girl ... 678
A : My photo is all over my blog, I don't think its wrong, don't like, don't visit my blog (: Which part of me is cheap? How much you cost? What is 678?

Q : u think u so sweet even your ex say u are dame cheap .... wan to play just come out no need to hide u stupid jojo
A : I think I'm sweet? Since when I said that? My ex said I'm "dame" cheap? Which ex are you refering to? They are not my ex for no reason! I come out play did I hide?

Q : u think your stead really love u ... pls go find out your self ask him to hong around k ...
A : What makes you think that my "stead" don't love me? What should I find out from my "stead" and ask him to "hong" who? Can you type in some way that I can understand what you're trying to say?

Q : dont know y your mother will born a cheap girl like u
A : How much do you cost?? Why my mum will "born" or give birth to me cos I've got a dad?

Q : oh ist i am coward i think she more coward
A : Coward is someone who only dare to hide behind the computer and pollutes other people's property. I dare to do, dare to admit (:

Q : wat for i jelous her name outside is so dirty can sleep one another she know her self better still same school with as cheap lor
A : I understand nothing from this. What is same school with as cheap?

Q : i think u also lsleep with her too
A : Who?

Q : hello u anot happy just come out look for as
A : Anot happy? Who is "as"? If you're trying to mean I'm not happy, I can answer I'm very happy with my life (: I think you're the one that is unhappy or else you won't have so much time to come to the blog that belongs to someone you hated so much. And can camp here to reply to anyone who comment.

Q : since u all wan to help her just come my shop lor ..
A : HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! Are you a secondary school small lian?

Q : orchard tower level 02-21 3
A : Don't advertise in my blog. Thank you very much.

Q : ****
A : Guess your parents didn't get to teach you manners cos you hangout too much at Orchard tower? Time to go home kid!

Q : wat jojo **** you okay .... ask your stead domt come hong my sister
A : Do you even know who is my "stead"? I asked him already. He got no extra time to "hong" your sister. So are you upset about my "stead" or me?

Q : i am guy hello just come tatoo memories see u there **** er
A : I'm shocked you're a guy! You shame so many people in the world by your actions. Prove us girls that gays like you don't fit to be a guy. STOP ADVERTISING IN MY BLOG FOR FREE!! If you can't affort the charges for the advertorial, I might consider giving you discount? But first, go home and practise on your manners.

Q : ask her to come lor she see me she will klnow who am i ..
A : You can just tell me who are you here right? You can type so many things here but not your name =.=

Q : no need come here n talk rubbish is her boy fren start everthing
A : Till now I still don't get you. Upset about me or my boyfriend? Did your girlfriend or someone you like is after my boyfriend thats why you're so upset about him??

Q : i think her chee by need me lor ...
A : LOL. Thanks for your jokes. Do you know that you're like a clown in my blog?

Q : dare then come out dont say all this rubbish
A : LOOK WHO'S TALKING!! Tell this to yourself!! You don't even dare to put your name!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

Q : i make sure i let her name post out everything
A : Ehhh... I understand nothing from this also. My name post out what?

Q : wat hse have do outside pls go ask her before u say me ****er
A : What is hse? Ask who? Huh? English please?

Q : y jojo dont dare to say something cheap girl
A : I don't reply to anyone on my tagboard through tags but I reply them in my blog entry. (: Now you get your reply!

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