Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pulau Ubin Family Outing - Part 2

Since it was drizzling, we took our afternoon nap.

Wake up for dinner! :D

Cute dogs relaxing at the fishing area.
You can do prawning, fishing, fish Pedicure.. Just relax!

Clean air! Pretty place.

Wishing well!

Back to the same restaurant. (:

I wonder if it will break if I play with the swing. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hello doggy! Dinner time right? So skinny!

My chocolate drink was goooooooooooooood!

Yummy chicken!

The beautiful queen!

The busy art student.


Cereal fish!

It was written veg on the menu. But we forget that normally food there are with seafood!
My queen is a vegetarian.

They're really nice to change for us! No more seafood!

The was really funny. I was picking my cereal fish up from my plate and this mosquito fly so fast and hit my cereal fish and faint on my plate with the gravy. Stuck there.

After dinner, walk walk inside the resort. This pic nice right?
My sis was trying out my camera.

My try. LOL. Ugly only!


Super relax....

I was trying to snap a picture of the tree. She suddenly pop out. HAHAHAHA!

Too bad the chairs are wet. Or else I think I'll sleep there.

Relax only!

My tiny sister.

View from Celestial jetty.



We need them at Orchard road.

Fish net!!

End our night here! Bye bye!

Elisa : Still load half way? ): Why????

I ♥ X

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