Thursday, August 05, 2010

Love In Bubble Tub

It was darling YingRui's birthday!!
We really know how to enjoy and relax.

See? Going to fall asleep already!

Camera getting blurrrrr...

After playing the game heartattack in the swimming pool. HAHAHA!

Looks like some spa place adv. Cute uh!

Squeeze face!

"Let me style my hair first."

Yeah! I put bubble on your hair! So don't have to style you vain pot!

MORE bubbles please!!!

Look at the water. Overflow. HAHA!

And both of them start to bully me.

Look at X's face. So happy.. HAHAHA, Elisa busy blowing the bubbles.

Pretty Elisa and look at the green glass behind.
Its my melon liquor with 7up! SHIOK ONLY!


Stylo bubble hat!

She caught his evil eye. :D (I look so happy in this pic!)


The happy kids!

Aaron : Yup, Xavier. You know him? Btw are you any Aaron I know?
Joshua, guest : You know her in person?! Hope to hear from you again!

I saw her..
I hug her..
I feel her..
I smell her breath..
I hold her hand..
She smile..
Let me see her again..
♥JAlign Center

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