Saturday, August 14, 2010


Went down to TABOO to count down Addie's birthday and also get high!
My 1st time to TABOO and I find the place super happening!
You'll get to see the crowd you'll never see in Zouk. (:
People there are really interesting.
Music is good!
In addition, the gang is really fun!

The pretty dance floor!

Beer tower after lychee martini and few jugs of beer.
(We play a really scary drinking game.
You'll find out how lucky or unlucky are you after playing the game.)

Oliver, Sherlyn, Aylwin, HanXiong, Xavier.

Aylwin!! What are you doing?!?!

Take 1 : Can't see Sherlyn!

Take 2 : Aylwin!!!

Nvm, I'll take you alone instead!

HAHAHAHA! They're so sweet! Aylwin a bit spotlight eh! =x

Aylwin and I!!

Super sweet couple! TABOO was one of their dating venue!


Luckily she sit down! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm super short next to her.

MAMA and his boy!

His teeth very nice hor??? Aylwin always making faces, so cute!

Mummy asked how Da Jie Da maintain one.

Teaching me how to pose! :D

MAMA and the boys!

Super like this photo!

Teaching us how to pose. We're the only 2 on the dance floor!

Addie even ask them to off the smoke effect. HAHA!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Its 12am!!!

Happy birthday to you~!!

With the cake!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!!! YEAH!!!!

HOT!! Ehhh, HanXiong???

The cake seems to look really small here. Hmm.....

Yum yum!!!

He is soooooooo greedy!! How many slice you took??

So helpful!! Thank you!!



I force to kiss him.

This was a surprise kiss from him. (:
We were just wanting to take a nice photo, he make it even nicer!♥

XiHong very Hong.

ℒℴvℯ yℴu ♥

Del : HAHA! Ok!
Alicia : We should! I will call you when I'm free. Should be after monday!

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