Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RWS - FestiveHotel, UniversalStudioSingapore

I'm back with lotsa photos!!!
And with regular updates :D

Just woke up, fly to Elisa's house.
And guess what?
She was still sleeping. =.=

Well, lazy pigs.

YEAHHHHH!!!! My first time to Festive hotel!

Sexy pose!

Orange lover.

Super long corridor.

Heee~!!! Wonder how our room looks like? :D

And the lazy pig just jump onto the bed!

View from our room in the afternoon.

Thats Hardrock if I'm not wrong.

So hungry. Thanks Natalie for the tuna pie!

The place with no one to serve you. They see you standing there, they just walk away.
Service kinda ..... =.=

Here we are!!!! Universal studio Singapore!!!

The sisters! Natalie and Elisaaaaa.

Us! Jo pig and Sa pig.

So.. Here is our first ride!

I don't remember whats the name of the game.
Something like the coffee cup thingy.

When it start with level 1,
we tot it was gonna be super fast cos they've level 30 or sth.

At the end, they said, the highest level.
We didn't feel a single thing. HAHAHAHAHA!

"HUAT AH!!!"
Hahahahahaha.. Some joke I came out with.

The lost worlddddd and water worldddd.
Wanna get wet? ;D

Our S$2 ice-cream. When we can get it at 60cents. HAHAHA
Too bad, I love ice-cream.

If you're a smoker, you wanna look for the smoking area..

The cute things they sell there.

Elisa pull its hand and it pull mine when I took this picture.
LOL. Revenge on me for what???

J : Ehhh, I wanna take the car only leh..
E : Awwww... ):

The night view. I IS LIKE ONLY!

Preparing for dinner!

The thingy on her head is the thing that you hang on the door to tell people not to disturb.
"See the flower? Means tell people you're having sex and DO NOT DISTURB!"

Looks like.....



N & E " Mummy, we've got something for you! The super mom oscar award!!"
Auntie Emily " Woah!!!!!"

The happy super Mummy! HAHAHA!

Ya, EATs.

Auntie Emily,"Gotta show off!"

Pose to drink the soup. HAHA!

Potato skin!


Me and my nom nom nom!


I loveeeeee~ meat!

Omg, this is so cute. They've got the sofa of this in yellow.

Smack that!


Candy decos!


Now you know whats that! Heh~!!
Super cuteeeeee!!

Sabbie : I saw you at Zirca right?? :D Why so slim!
Nahyieve : ♥ Hope you like the post!
Baobei : Well, don't care about crazy people. Heh! I blog`ed!
Guest : (: Will blog regularly! Stay tune! Please write your name next time you comment k?
Relfy : YOU ARE BACKKKKK!! Like finally!
Ryan : I'm no longer working there. Sorry!
Jay : Hmmm.. They will never show. They are sadistic cowards who hides and put people down.
Z : No one come and look for me. HAHA! Well...
Kim : Sorry dear! No longer working there..
Edmund : Hmmm... They want to be entertain here. And IDK why.
Mizuki : Nope. Its from
Bejewel at Tampinese 1. I use the maroon one. (:
Lina : OMG, super long nv see you and baby Tiff already!!
James : email.jojolai@gmail.com (:
Guest : Who are you to judge me? Please put your name the next time you wanna scold me. Since when I don't dare to reply when I reply to EVERYONE. Use your brains before saying/doing anything. No one came to the shop at all, where are you???? Who am I cheating on? Stop what? Don't ask me to stop, when you should stop polluting my tagboard. What did I lie, please be clear (: I am always very happy with boyfriend, friends, everyone. But I didn't cheat. I lookS like I always have sweet boyfriend uh? So you're the one who ask me a question on formspring, asking me not to hurtS people ya? Who did I hurtS? Don't worry about me "kkays". I'll take care of myself. You gotta take care "kkays"!


nahyieve said...

If your blog had a facebook like on it I defintely will like it x infinity haha. =DDDDD. AND THE ONE WITH MY BOOBS SIBEH OBVIOUS LEHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pois e realmente um programa maravilhoso ver o desfile de 20 de setembro em Piratini. Em 2007 eu fui pela primeira vez assisti-lo e fiquei emocionada, e um desfile muito lindo feito com alma por cada um daqueles gauchos que la vivem. Vale a pena.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at taurus-romance.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?