Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

And of cos, HAPPY NEW YEAR before I'm late :P

Teehee~~ Showing off my wonderful Xmas eve!!

My Christmas surprise! Ok, I'm very very very shock.
Thank you Tiny!

Cos this big box of things was suppost to be the Christmas present I help him and his friend to choose for his cousin.
And suddenly he pop out of nowhere and stand outside my house.
There is Goku(悟空) inside! Hee.. Thats my childhood favourite.

We went to Taka to buy Xmas gift for my babies. :D
Thank you Tiny & Kent for accompanying me to shop for things!

And I was so bored when we're waiting to be seated.
I used the pen to draw on Tiny's hand.
And straight away, he "chop" it onto Kent's hands. LOL!

Why so many people...
Let me cut queue and let me have some 小笼包, please??

Tiny & I!!

Tiny & Mr Kent!

I think somehow I look like ostrich in this picture. HAHAHAHA!
Tiny is got a chao ta face!


Fishball face.

T : Can you eat not? Later you eating with your girlfriend and your parents leh..
K : Can! I eat a lot one!

Guess what are they laughing at???

This!!! It don't look nice, a bit of sour sour smell...
Some kinda golden needle mushroom mix lotsa veg.
And we said we will order this for some bet or sth. I don't rmb..
Thats why they laughhhhhhh..

I don't like smelly stuff!

phoenix eye

Yummy, fasterrrrrrrrrrrr.. Me wants yumyum!

So happy seeing his food!

Finally!!! :D

MINE! We are all happy kids when we see fooooood!


On the way to the countdown party!!

Thank you TheQueen for the roasted duckkkkk!!
Sponsored by TheQueen for our Christmas countdown!!!!

We is happy kids.. and AGAIN! Teeheeeee~

With the babies!! Elisa, Stella, Annabelle!!

And adding the chao ta face!
Look at Annabelle, she is trying to compare the orange sweet to Tiny's toe-may-toe face! :D

Wonderful countdown party with the wonderful people!♥

Guest : You saw me at ZoukOut? (: Did you say hi? HAHAHA!
Guest-Xue : Teehee~ Nom is the sound I make when I munch!!! Carnivore is ♥.
Edison : Done`ed
Guest : Hope. My facebook is JOJO LAI
Guest : You mean I use other people's photo? Heh.. Now I've put my link on photos. We shall see (:

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