Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy Christmas 2010

14Dec`2010 I went to watched Crazy Christmas with the other bloggers.
Strangely enough, it put me in a very Christmas mood, as I made new acquaintances, met up with old friends, laughed like crazy and soaked in the wild atmosphere fueled by the show.

Outside the theatre, the audience are treated to a thought provoking art exhibit called ‘HIV – Show me the love’. Apparently the exhibit and the show were in collaboration with the Health Promotion Board.

I guess they want to reach out to the young crowd in Singapore and I think it’s quite a good idea to reach out through the arts. Health isn’t just about dry, boring health stuff - it affects our lives and our happiness, it affects the way we approach life and how we choose to live it.
All in all, well done to all the cast (and to HPB)… it was a good show and I had a good night!

“Wear a condom la!” keeps popping up in my head now. For some reason (though not surprisingly), the topic of sex ran through the entire show and underlying local nuances made me wonder whether the ‘ang mohs’ in the audience could keep up.

The jingles kept ringing in my ears and it made me wonder if people really are not making any effort in using a condom. I mean, isn’t that like rule number one???
Why would anyone risk not using protection during sex? We’re not just talking about unwanted pregnancies… what about all the diseases that you can get, especially if you don’t know the person’s history? I mean, I was surprised when I read about how many people are getting STIs and that the number just keeps increasing. Even if you don’t want to believe it, stats are stats… and you will never know if you are contracting something from someone when you don’t use a condom until the effects appear later (when it is too late) or when you go for testing (if you do, at all). You can’t tell when someone’s clean or not just by looking at them… many people do not show symptoms but are still carriers. Anyway, it’s Christmas season and I shouldn’t go on such a dreary subject. I wish everyone a happy holiday… enjoy yourself, be merry but keep safe, ya? Stay faithful and please, “wear a condom la!”

Thumbs ups for the wacky Crazy Christmas show! Funny, funny, funny – there were many light-hearted moments where topics on sex (safe of course), condoms, open communications were the thrown around. Just remember -- Be faithful, always use condoms and use them correctly and screen for STI, HIV/AIDS when in doubt. Better safe than sorry lah!

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