Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Freshlook Illuminate - Effortless Beauty

Went down to Plaza Sing for Freshlook Illuminate event :D
While waiting for the makeup artist to put on some makeup for me.
They provide a pair of Freshlook Illuminate for me! Yeah!

The makeup artist at work!
The guy on the left did my makeup for me! :D

After makeup is a small photoshoot.
So many people looking. HAHA!

Sharon and I!!! I know her from some F1 event 2 years back. HAHA!
She is also one of the effortless beauty :D
Look at our eyezzzzzz!!!

I wore my Freshlook Illuminate to watch a paintball match!!!

Weeee~ So excited!!

I can see them running and sliding in the mud.

The cute yellow paintball!

They say I look fresh after wearing Freshlook Illuminate!!
They saw the difference! HEH!!!

This photo is when I'm just wearing normal lens.
I don't look as bright right??

After paintball match, I can even go out drinking at night! :D
Its so comfortable and I don't even remember I'm wearing them.


Anonymous said...

hey you mind doing a video on your daily makeup? thanks..

Anonymous said...

О! Ho appena aggiunto una pagina web, i miei preferiti. Mi piace leggere i tuoi post. Grazie!

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