Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Bithday Edison (:

May all your wishes come true!
Will blog again when I am back (:
Don't so KanJiong first ya.

SoonYan*:: Hopefully we can really meet up soon ya. (:
Lina*:: Finally saw you too!
Jumbo:: Yup.
Wings*:: Happy to see you still reading my blog! (:
Guesavast*:: Will upload even more yummy pictures!
Alicia*:: When when????? (:
JiaHui*:: LOL. (: Call me again!
BlueBerry Sweet:: Hmm.. are you really him? A bit hard to believe.
LiKuan*:: Yup! I wanna see you all soon!!

Things are still not going too well.
Really hope things will really get better.
But I still don't have any reply.
Don't have to hide.. Is it me who make things too difficult to answer?
Sometimes we have different view of everything.
Maybe we should really try accepting each other's view?
I can.. But you?

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