Monday, October 26, 2009

Edison* birthday celebration @ HomeClub

Birthday boy. (: Hope you like the present.
The perfect present for a perfect vain-pot.

Pretty Sab*

The sweet couple. Nana* & HarryQ*

Jensen* & Alvin*

Don't wanna take picture with me, SAY LAR! HAHAHAH!!


Sab* & Nana*

Jojo* & Nana*

Jojo* & Randen*

Jojo* & Vincent*

BdayBoy & Boyfriend.

BdayBoy & Jojo*

Too late already, very tired.
Computer a lil lag.
So can't blog so much.
Bit by bit ya. (:


SoonYan*:: Any day. (: As long as not early morning can call me alright! (:
BlueberrySweet:: LOL. ok (:
Hilda*:: I'm using Maxi Eyes.
LiKuan*:: I never pangseh luh. Say properly. Is never meet. If I say I'll be going, I'll be there!
PeiPei*:: Ok. I'll update my blog links again soon (: Nice to see you here anyway!
Miki*:: Why eh?
Kit*:: Please luh.. You make people jealous only can?!
Wings*:: THANKS!! I will make sure not to be lazy, be more responsible and not dump my blog aside! (:

Sometimes I really feel that,
I know nothing about love.
What is love?
Have I ever seen it?
Have I ever feel it?
Have I ever give it to anyone?
Am I thinking too much?
Cos I really don't know whats the feeling I'm feeling right now.

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