Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reply to tags first

I've got a post I wanna post up.
But too many pictures!!!
Its about meeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Since 2005
When I look at it, I wanna laugh.
I will post it once its done.
And another post about my rabbit.
His virgin trip, leaving my house for the 1st time.

Take care people!
Lotsa people getting sick nowadays.

LaoGong:: You fierce can?! LOL
cOrDe*:: Hey!! So shocked that you're here!!! Thanks! :D *Super big smile.
Michiyo*:: Haha! Don't care about that person.. Waste our time. Heh! Misssssssss. When are you going to meet me?
DK*:: Oh please... I'm good ok!
LiPing*:: I will! You take good care too!
MuscleWomen:: Too long already lar.. I meet you when your back in Sg!!
Kat*:: Will I see you on thurs?? (: Wanna party with youuuuuuu!

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