Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 is a better year!

Never have the idea of throwing away my blog.
Just that I've got no computer! (Don't know since when lar)

Anyway, HAPPY 2010!!!!
I had my countdown party at Grand Copthorne Hotel.
The best room for the best view of fireworks with the best friends!!!
Met up with a few other friends at Zouk.
Will post pictures ASAP!
How about yours?

Anyway, I spend my 1st night of 2010 with darlings at hotel and party.
2nd night with Urban`ians and my apple at Sabai!
3th night, me and my stupid idea of not clubbing but something else.
Derek* and Henry* the 2 kind souls, along with Junior*.. searching for places to go.
流浪汉 luh!
At the end we went steamboat again. Favorite uh!!!!!
So....... I've got high high high fever till now!!!

Lazying is love. Sleeping for one and a half day(which feels like 2 days).
Awake one hour, sleep one hour...
I'm still not well now, but wanna watch 下一站,幸福.
Ok! Gotta go rest!
Wanna go out tomorrow. Something IMPORTANT to do!!
Hopefully, you guys are still here to read!
I miss people writing on my tag board and also miss replying.

YO:: You`re Yvonne?
Kat*:: Still as chio lar!
SoonYan*:: Ya luh.. Fever also wanna wake up watch!
LiPing*:: Thanks! Still haven't got the time to check out lappyz.
Yan*:: Welcome!
Michiyo*:: Lucky grow back liaos. HAHAHAHAH
Jumbo:: Yup yup. Miss you and my sis!
Steph*:: You`re which Steph? Sis??
Chrishirl*:: Tag`ed you on FB
Shanon*:: Yeap. (: Brand new year too..
Jackson*:: Cos everyone said I am super fat and can't recognize me.
Guest1:: Hey, feel sad for you going around people's blog to criticize them on the last few days of 2009. Its 2010, hope you'll have a great year ahead and grow up (: Anyway, your definition of "follow" is? Quite a number of my guy friends drives and definitely not poor (as he can own a car), I party and hang out with them. Whats so shameful about that?
n and Steph*:: Hahaha.. Thanks (: Its ok, its a new year anyway (: Or maybe she or he is afraid that I'm trying to hook up with his or her rich boyfriend. =P

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