Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gatsby Gatsby Gatsby

Hard to blog, using my sister's computer. (:
Promise to blog, and yup.. (: I don't break promises.

Gatsby styling dance contest!

The winner and us.

Zoe* and Jojo*

Linda* Jojo* Kit* Reiee*

Really fun working with them.
But was really tired and I don't know why.

Thanks Gatsby for the goodies !! (:

After that, dinner with Linda* and Kit*.
Nice chatting with both of them.

I might needa blog one wordy post soon.
Don't go away!!

Anyway, thank you everyone. (:
I can do it and I'm handling it pretty well!

PeiPei*:: Okok..When I'm free I will update. (:
KenKen*:: (:
Jumbo:: Kinda.. (: You never bring me out ma.. So stress luh. LOL

he sad thing is when you need certain friends to be there, they are not there at all.
But the one who is there is someone that never comes to my mind.

The hidden taurus

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