Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st Day Of The Month. Dinner With MummyLove

(A picture with my plump lips)
Hows your day? (:

I've start my month with MummyLove
We went to Crystal Jade @ AMK
Happy mummy with her big fried rice!

Vegetarian fried rice

MINE!! Beef noodles :D

Wontons in spicy sauce 红油炒手 (hong you chao shou)
(I love this.. But I can't take spicy. LOL)

Took all the parsley out.
Look at the lil bowl there fill with green stuff!



Anonymous said...

Hi babe just wondering', where do u get your eyebrows done? Yours are nice!

Taurus Traits said...

Hey so nice to see you.. i enjoyed reading your blog would follow your blogs it pretty interesting