Monday, March 19, 2012

16-17Feb`2012 - TheShortGetawayToBatam ♥

Anyone remember me?

Ok, I will try my best to blog AT LEAST once a week ok!! :D
Tooo many things to blog, I'm kinda lost..
So... I will just start a post of my "Before-busy-getaway-trip"!

We, the shitty queen are super random.
We decide to book hotel, or a chalet just to go crazy before another busy period..
BUT! I don't know which of them found a good deal online and we book the tickets straight away!
I think it was just a few days before the holiday itself!
Was so excited although its really a very short trip.

Getting ready after my Big breakfast =P

The first two crazy people..
♥ Relfy & Vanessa


The other two mad women!
♥Elisa & Jojo♥


Of cos I must squeeze in!!

Super long never 自恋
Know why?
old,ugly,bad camera... Tsk!

After awhile, we've reached our destination!
Harris Hotel @ Batam Center

So hot outside!
Luckily our ferry terminal is just one road away from our hotel
And their service are so good!!!
Super nice drink that quench our thirst & a nice cold towel :D

The people there are all so polite, friendly and helpful!

And when we reach, its their morning dance workout time!!!
So cool!! All of them were dancing near to the buffet area!

Including him!!
Helped us to keep our bags and he started dancing..Hee!
I think I had a nice picture of him eh?

After putting down our things, we go to the huge shopping mall!
We were super early..
So I see a arcade!! And we brought the card..
We wanna just play anything that we can play altogether..
But their machines are not as good as the ones in Singapore
The scanner for the card like, deduct our money but the game never start..
So left with Vanessa there...
LOL! I'm the winner ok!! HAHAHA
Our score like a lousy la!

Reminds me of the tickets we used to collect..

And yeah! We've got pencils!!

Shop and shop... Legs sour...

Ya.. you won't see me having coffee/tea
I'm having my chocolate! :D

I was too tired to eat.. So we just got this..

Finally we've got our rooms ready!!
Their key card.. with a complimentary phone card!!!
Too bad we are all using selfish phones, don't have normal SIM card slots!
If you're going there, rmb to bring extra phone! :D
Maybe I should dig out my 3310 before I go over next time.Muahah!

Ok ok! Introducing the room!!! :D
Everything is ORANGE!
Just nice I've got a orange brain with me..
I think she would want to bring everything home!!

Hanger, slippers.. ORANGE!! You get what I mean...

Guess how is the view outside??

Aww.... I love it!!

The hotel is so 贴心..
Its one of the very few hotels I have a bolster on my bed without even requesting for it!

The special flavor!! I like the BBQ and Elisa like the cheese.... :D

Sexy pictures coming up!!
We are going for a swimmmm!!!

Sorry uh, cos of some 'copyright' issue...

Dinner time!!!!!
We didn't wanna eat in the hotel cos we think that we should try out the food outside!
So this is the restaurant that we have been eyeing on since afternoon..
So cute!!!

Yes, I was super tired..

Here comes my avocado drink.. It tasted like, bitter Idk how to say.
Not good..

Garlic bread with cheese!!

No bad (:

Our beef and chicken steak.
(I realized everyone is taking photo. HAHA)
The hardest mid-rare steak I've ever eaten!!
Its fully cooked...
Its like rubber...
Cannot chew...
Cannot swallow!!!
Their server only know a bit of English but still polite..
I will never wanna go back for western!
Wrong choice! HAHA! At least I know and I'm now sharing with you guys :P

Back to our room
Our fingers are breaking!
So many bottles of drinks!

Chat and play monopolyDeal
And off to bed getting excited about breakkfast!
I'm a glutton

Breakfast Buffet
I love their beef!

I love croissants!!

Their soup is soooooooooo good!! Ok, MSG soup la =P
Still nice ok!!

Morning I can't eat much how???

The eggs corner, I don't know what is it called.. LOL


And they start their morning dance workout!!!

At the end I say I cannot eat much, I still eat a lot xD

The back of the hotel..
Facing the sea

The swimming pool

Batam, Hollywood style!

Rest a bit.. Massage time!!!
Orange's first massage!!
She is so cute!!
Keep laughing and laughing.. LOL!

Massage in our room is the best!! (:

Full body massage is ♥

A picture of the view outside my window

I ♥ my new hair colour..Teehee~

Provided in our room!

We were making the gift and was nearly late for the ferry :P
But we make it on time, just no good seats.
And there were no more front seats..
Walked to the back, and we didn't wanna sit separately
so we politely ask the lady to put their bags on the luggage place just in front of them.
They ask me, "can you all sit in front?"
Wth.. So I reply, If there are seats in front, I won't come to the back.
So when I walk in, she was so exaggerating like I'm gonna squash her with my bag.
I'm so far away from her.
So I told her, "don't worry, won't even touch you.."
When I walk out to the toilet, she put her legs out
Don't know what to say...
People like this actually pull your country down.
They are from Malaysia

The gift for our superwomen!

For myselffffffff!!
Oh AND!!! This is the first time I bargain :P

I wonder where is this.. I wanna go!!

Hello Singapore


Anonymous : Thank you!! At least someone still wanna read!! :D


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. I will read once in a while, so do up-date your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi how much did you spend for the trip? Like hotel and ferry expenses :):)