Friday, November 11, 2011

Moving on

Can't concentrate on anything I'm doing.
Every moment I will just keep thinking.
Even when I sleep, ,I will dream about it.
Its so scary.
Its haunting me.

I've learn so much from this relationship.
I've learn my lesson hard and willing to change for the better.
Really learn soooooooooo much.

This relationship is so much like acting in a movie...
And I was too into it and thought was real.

In any relationship, remember, if the person loves you, whatever you do, he/she will still forgive you.
But promise him/her not to repeat the same mistake again.
Learn from all quarrels..
Why are you quarrelling about?
What causes it?
Learn from it.

I believe after so much sh*t you both go tru together,
you all might break up.
If not....
You both will be much better, much closer.
But remember..
If you choose to forgive and forget,
do it.
Don't complain anymore.
You chose this. (:

If you choose to let go.
Take your time.
Have some talk.
Don't look back.

I'm thankful to Vanessa Wang (:
She've been tru what I'm going tru.
She was so strong.
Thank you for guiding me.
Thank you for giving me words that no one have ever tell me before.

Moving on with or without him/her..
You decide (:
It takes two hands to clap.


I've become someone better, but are you the one who deserve the Jojo Lai I am now?

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