Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CATS Classified Car-nival 2011 Race Queens

Finally here to blog about the Car-nival! (:
This post is to thank all of you who supported me!

Getting ready to go up the stage! Pretty Val!

The messy table full with makeup!

This is how the backstage looks like..

OMG! She is sooooooo pretty!! NISA!!!!!

I think all of you know her, Jocelyn (:
Her camera battery is diedddd after awhile.

With Rachel (:

With Rinee!! (:

With Nisa!

With Jocelyn(:

With Val(:

With Nathalie (:

Our dinnnerrrrr

Me in my final outfit!

With Jas(:

Use my camera zi lian!!

Yes.. I know.. our make-up.. Hmmmmmmm.....

Me and my voting box!!! :D

Rinee & I :D


I started to become crazy as usual...

And also them! HAHA!

Tiny pretty girl!!

This is the voting box.
A scary story behind it.
We took it down to take picture and and randomly put it back
Guess what?
Look at the placing of the boxes.
It was kinda same as our results!
The top 3 on top!

Thank you for coaching us!!! Learn a lot from you! (:
Getting our result soon!

The top 8
Honey, Jocelyn, Rinee, Nathalie, CAT, Jaslyn, Jojo, Rachel, WengLing! (:

The result is out!!! :D I'm 2nd!! YEAHHHHH!!!

With our emcee (:

Than you Kevin & Denise for taking care of us!! :D

Thank you for the support Xavier! (:

My flower!

Do you wanna have fun like I did?
Here is your chance!!!
Come and challenge me!!! :D
Don't wait!! Like the page
Send in your photos!!
I'm up for the challenge! Are you? (:

Guest : 2nd (:
Guest : Yup!
Xavier : (:
Paksu : (:
Rafix : HI (:
Mat Lepak : Stop here? (:
Lovely Lady : Ok
Man hunt : Ok

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Marius said...

hey can you please tell me what color of fresh look lens you and your friend wears in picture sam0055u ?