Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singapore Night Safari

Since don't know when I've not been to Night Safari!!
I've work there few years back but nv had the chance to look around.
Kept singing.. "We're going to the zoo zoo zoo, how bout you you you?..."

FINALLY!! Its not raining!!!

Tiny and his cute mummy!

Sky & Cat (: Super sweet couple!

Q for tickets!!

The happy boy with his discount coupon.


Our chio tickets!!


Nom nom nom...

Is the tram here yet???

We, the pigs.

Nom everywhere we go.
(Sorry, hope I won't scare you'll with my face.)


My friend!!

Where to goooooo...??

My body look so BIG! LOL!

YEAH!! One for me, one for him, one for his mum!!! :D
Ok, mummy said I'm like small kid!

Every min also hungry.
Fried egg by his bro.
Mee by Tiny.
Sausage & meat ball by his mum!

Growing fatter and fatter each day. Gosh!

Tiny : Heh!! CHIO RIGHT?
CONGRATS : Any info you wanna tell me about my boyfriend? Tell me tell me!!!

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