Tuesday, March 08, 2011

February 2011 Happenings

I know I know,
I've not been blogging.
NOW!! I'm gonna blog about happenings on FEB!!

5Feb - BUSY DAY!!

Brought a electronic beater at Mustafa at night!
Everywhere clcose, no eggs, no nothing,..
Thank you Roger & Ace for bringing me to Mustafa and get all the things!
Guess what I'm gonna do?

Ok, don't really look like... but they are MACAROONS!!!
HAHA!! I'm don't have a weighing machine so this is my 2nd attempt.
Not bad ok!!
But at the end I was too slow, the ants came and nom nom nom...
So no choice, only a few macaroons for the birthday boy.

Surprise!! Surprise!!

Thank you Gerald and Jason for the help!!

6Feb - CNY celebration @ Gerald's house!

The 7 red humanz!

7Feb - Neverland with Ace

Drink ahhhh!!
Take care when you're not in Singapore!! See you sooonz!

11Feb - Tiny's secondary school gathering @ PowerHouse

With his brother and his brother's gf (:

12Feb - Bball, dinner, Kbox!

Steak with Tiny's werid eyes.



13~15Feb - Valentine's day ♥♥♥

Thank you soooooooo much for the surprise♥!

Part of my present. Heh!! Happy girl is me!

My stupid boyfriend and I :D

18Feb - Tiny's camp mates party night @ Powerhouse

Finally, we get to club together!

Hello Zhiliang! :D

The couple (:

23Feb - Andon's birthday celebration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDON!! Hope you love the chocolate on your face! (:

24Feb - Sakae sushi

So hungry... Went to woodlands and it was close, went all the way back to AMK!

Too much sushi when you're too hungry!

17Feb - JOJO can cook so can you!

Looks good and its gooooood! At least to me. =P
Hope it can satisfy everyone(:
Spend $60 plus just on ingredients.

Portobello mushroom, I LIKE!
I can cook ok!!! :D

Relfy : Faster come back!! :D

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