Friday, September 10, 2010


Interested in what I'm doing nowadays?? :D
Many people may think that its funny!
I found a new job! Its so fun!

1st day!

Taaadaaa~!! My 1st cup of ice blend!
Kinda fail cos the ice not nicely done.

I just finish talking and boss just snap. I look so funny here!
Uncle Paul and ME ME ME!!

My funny boss!

2nd try! Strawberry smoothie!

Keep drinking and eating, I'll be fat in a week's time! LOL

My dinner for the 1st day!

Super nice fish&chip!
Must try!

Uncle Paul with his BIG FISHBALL!
I'm so glad that Uncle Paul is the one that is there.
He is fun, he tell me jokes, he talk about his son and his wife, teach me a lot, buy me sweets and more!
He is super hardworking and his action super fast,
I wanted to help and when I turn back, he is done with everything!

SO BIG!!!!

After my 1st day of work, I met Vanessa at Elisa's house, downstairs!
Brought 4 small cakes to give her surprise at 12am!

That baby girl and the tired me!

Keep Elisa on the phone. Don't let her sleep before 12am!

The cute mousse cakes! :D
Chocolate and strawberry!
Will never wanna buy from that shop again if that girl is working there.
She gave me a black face when I get the cake, she throw the cakes into the box.
You see the strawberry cake? The chocolate on top is broken. All thanks to her!

2nd day!

Mango yougurt ice blend! I made it!

辣炒年糕!!! Its the spicy rice cake or sth. Too spicy that I cannot eat. ):

My 1st Chicken& Chips!

1st try to cook Mars bar!

So yummy!

We've got really nice neighbours!
She gave me orange! Teehee~
Nice chinese ladies!

Fried Snickers!

Come to the shop and try!!

After work relax session.

Actually is after work talk about work session!

Singapore singers are good (:

3th day!

My first try on fish&chips!

My 1st try on chocolate peppermint ice blended!
It was sooooooooooo good!
I think I'm good at making the drinks!

This is Otah!! Its wrap with like prata or sth.
Its so nice! This picture is only half of it. The whole thing cost $2.
Our neighbour stall (:

My dinner! Sharkfin soup!

I love to cook! Teehee~

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