Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mustafa with 9tro crew

Chillout session @ 1 TwentySix

Escagot is LOVE LOVE LOVE! Super like!



Thats Hong! Mr boss of 9tro. LOL!

After he see my funny camera with the dual screen,
he took it and play with it...

Laughing non-stop!!

Having fun with the dual screen!

Idk what is this. His hand??

Snap snap!

With the helmet, holding a big pencil with the bell....

And guess what is he reading???...


Suddenly, I heard someone said, " EH! They got boobs eh! Its the children's book!"

Thats the book with boobs!

Searching for Malay PSLE papers.

Cannot find so they wanna try the English papers.

Enough of studying!

Hong is sleepy!! HAHAHAHAHA! They wanna get this for 9tro office.

Too nice to sit, he don't wana come down.
After awhile, we went to have Dim Sum and we went homeee. (:
Had a great night with 9tro crew!

BaoBei :: Jia you! LOL
Bel :: Modelling (:
Van :: It was a gift from my cousin, its from Hong Kong. Idk where she got it, sorry!

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