Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michiyo 19th Birthday

I'm back with Michiyo's birthday celebration entry at SENTOSA!

1st stop. Vivo Food Republic.

I can say, nothing was nice! ):
But super expensive!!

On the tram. (Is it call the tram?)

Next stop!! I don't remember the name of the place.
But the place is nice. (:
You can order drinks..

You can swim in their pool..

You can even drown in their jacuzzi!!!

Pom Pom time!



The pros doing their job!

Happy birthday girl!!!

Walk to a place to settle down for cake and drinks!

Group photo!!

The 2 old people trying to act cute and try to get into the picture. LOL

Girls love toilet pictures! HAHAHA!

MomoFrankyRaven :: I'm back in Sg (:
celine :: I think by the time it will be over. Cos the day I came back was the day they started. And don't think will take very long? I also don't know eh. Sorry, cannot help much.

Edwiana* :: Nice to know you too!! Really had lotsa fun!!
Likuan* :: ): Now don't know why cannot update my

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