Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bubble Time!

Had a meet up with Shan*

She got me this from Japan!!!

After Xavier* finish work, we 3 went to look for WINGS for Annabelle*s birthday party.

So cute. LOL!
Cos we were thinking if he can fit into the thing, all of us can. HAHA!
But at the end we didn't get it there. We found nicer ones.

After Shan* Left, we went to have our dinner.

Fish soup and Cao Guo Tiao.

After that, we went back to Vivo to see what else to get.
When Xavier* was outside the toilet waiting for me,
he saw his friend in the arcade holding on a gun pointing at him.
So we went into the arcade! (: Yeah!

Look! He is inside the screen!!!

He asked me not to disturb him. And when I snap this picture, 1 live gone. LOL!
Sometime I wonder if his surname is LAI.

His friend Max*!

Super funny. Cos the arcade don't really have like games that we normally play.
Its more for kids.

Xavier*s turn!

So serious. LOL.

They nearly play all the games in the arcade.

Super cute...Buns? Furball?... Eh.....

Its not easy!!

They look so cute! The serious Ewen* and after Max* Throw the balls, he threw his shoe.
This game is actually very fun. But people stole the balls.

The tix they collected to exchange.
Max* got like 1000over points? I can't remember.

Bubble time!!!

Xavier* & Jojo*

Max* & Ewen*!!

The poly mates

So sweet!!

She was trying to catch the bubbles. Super cute!

When he put the bubble on his face, Xavier* gave him a slap.
Can't stop laughing!

Can breath or not...?

Me with the BIG BIG BUBBLE!

I think I've got big lungs!


So sweet can?!?!?!

After that, I gtg homeeeeeeeeeee...

Mr. Gay, so embarrassing. LOL

Group photo!!!

Bye Bye~

Sorry for the late update!!!

Michiyo :: YA!! I've never play anything there.
Joses* :: Yes, serious man.. HAHA
Lina*:: Shes my fav cos she is yours!! Thanks!!

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