Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hospital ):

well well. no nice nice pics :( but a few of ugly pics

hospitalized - eye infection
the pic might scare you :(

A&E..... that time i was going to sleep already. after the injection.. i still remember i can't think and talk properly. and mr.clown took a picture of me

the breakfast :( egg, bread and milo. better den nth. this injection is the most painful "piercing" ever on my body. nearly cry

sleep till the nurse came in and wake me up for lunch

and i am well again! :D

soonyan*:: when are you free?
Laogoong:: sorry. my phone spoilt maaa.. i am ok~~~~
LiKuan*:: like OMG. LOL
Jevonne*:: :D
shanon*:: :)
Dave*:: Nv die. hahaha. still can't die yet
Mabel*:: hello pretty!

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