Monday, June 06, 2011

May Happenings

Sorry for MIA!
Last month was my birthday month! Hee!!

Lets see What I did and maybe you all can tell me which one you want me to blog in detail!

1May : Visitors from HK! :D

3May : NeverLand with Ace! With disgusting lollipop! HAHA!

4May : Let’s Sweets – Japanese Dessert Buffet @ Bugis

5May : Western Ninja @ Ang Mo Kio

12May : Advance birthday celebration @ Downtown East

13May : Transformers Midnight Product Launch at Toys ‘R’ Us.
Look at my shoes! Story behind my funny shoes!

14May - Mafia photoshoot!


28May - Tiny running for Sundown

Shan : ok (:
LaoGong : People got many rich guys chasing after her.
Amy : (:
Guest : Ok, email me if any encounter with her. Thanks!
Guest : Idk who is Jason Poh
Guest : Thank you!!
Guest : My friend brought it for me. Idk where. Sorry!

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